About us

Located right at the foot of Phuoc Tuong mountain pass through Phu Loc district,  geographical name of Loc Thuy, a semi-mountainous commune with scene and a peaceful countryside where soil is special suitable for planting industrial trees, especially Cajeput and Cajeput. This is the raw valuable materials for production of Cajeput essential oil. For many hundreds of years, Phu Loc is the place where is famous for traditional Cajeputi Oil processing in Thua Thien - Hue, beginning with the handmade products which specialized in providing lords and mandarin of Nguyen dynasty.
Cajeputi Oil furnace
Over time, the local material source is, however, increasingly scarce and income from this job is not good, many people no longer want to follow. Meanwhile, consumer demand does not change and the result of this the status of false, counterfeit goods, branded Imperial Melaleuca Oil is increasingly that serious damages to the reputation of the trade village. As the fact, the provincial Government is determined to build and restore this traditional manufacturing activity with the slogans such as financial assistance, agricultural extension, protection ... In 2011, Imperial Melaleuca Oil has been officially issued the certificate by the Department of Intellectual Property. This premise makes the material zone be revived, leading the promises of the new product lines that will bring the real benefits to consumers everywhere.
Application of scientific researches on production practices, with modern equipments of bottling, sterilization, extraction and artisans’ long standing skills, Imperial Palace Cajeputi Oil company is harboring the ambition to become the leading distributor and manufacturer of authentic Cajeputi Oils to meet the needs and desires of customers so far.