Cajeputi oil: Precious gift for moms & babies.

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Cajeputi oil is known for very many special effective uses for moms and babies only.

Once coming to Hue, coming over Loc Thuy region, sisters, moms will be gone with a very characteristic scent of Loc Thuy – Cajeputi oil smell. Cajeputi oil is known for very many special effective uses for moms and babies only.

Composition of Cajeputi oil
Cajeputi oil is extracted from Melaleuca leucadedron L, tea tree, 0.5-2m is distributed mainly in the dry regions of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue.
The key components in Cajeputi essential oil is Cineole > 60%. There are also Terpineol, Linalool, Limonen. Especially Eucalytol active agent in Cajeputi oil has an effect of mild antiseptic, expectorant, fragrant and pleasant smell. Terpineol has a natural antibacterial effect, actually there are many projects of the State Department of Health researching the antibacterial effect of Terpineol that inhibits the type of flu viruses.
If Cajeputi oil was a characteristic product of the Central people before, Cajeputi oil is over Hai Van mountainous pass and widely popular throughout the country now, Cajeputi oil has become the precious gift that nature bestowed on people. Hue Cajeputi oil along with midwives’ postpartum beauty methods in Hue imperial palace, Cajeputi oil has become a mystique postpartum beauty secret.

Cajeputi oil for postpartum moms
If the North has a way of sauna that is the use of traditional herbs such as bamboo leaves, Citronella, Mugwort, Holy Basil... while the Central also has another way of sauna is that sauna by Cajeputi oil. Skillful moms pour into the boiling water tubs a few drops of pure essential oil, then cover the blanket the whole body. The steam rises to make the essential oil penetrate deeply into the skin, clear the menstruation, prevent from cold, strengthen the body’s resistance.
Specifically, whenever the weather changes, after the rains along with the cold wind and during the period of abstinence, what more is to be immersed in the warm waters of Cajeputi oil. Cajeputi oil helps relax the whole body, clear the veins and help young moms feel relaxed.

Cajeputi oil for children
For children, Cajeputi oil has the effect of preventing cold, removing cold wind and moisture. After the bath, moms can apply a little Cajeputi oil on either side of babies’ temples. When it is cold, moms can smell a little Cajeputi oil the scent of essential oil will help will help the nasal be comfortable if moms get cold. In particular the mosquito bites, insect bites swelling, just apply a little light Cajeputi oil will make the mosquito bites less itch, swelling. In addition, moms should know that mosquitoes are afraid of Cajeputi oil, moms should use a few drops of Cajeputi oil to bath babies that will both reduce mosquito bite but also help prevent symptoms of cold, flu by bad wind, cold wind and moisture and strength the body’s resistance.
Currently there are many types of Cajeputi oil in market with different institutions. Moms should choose specific Cajeputi oil reserved for postpartum moms and babies. The Cajeputi oil is refined with ingredients in essential oil suited to babies’ skin. Moms should apply a little Cajeputi oil onto the babies’ hand back skin and wait about 15 to 20 minutes, if babies’ skin doesn't itch or redness, this type of Cajeputi oil can be used safely.
In addition, for the elderly or the people of fewer yangs, cold soles of feet and hands. Apply Cajeputi oil on cold soles of feet and hands to help the limb warm and sleep more deeply.