Components of Cajeputi oil, formula, recipes, and how to use

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Cajeputi Oil is a type of volatile oils obtained by distillation from the leaves of Cajeput. It has pleasant aroma and flavor so it is used in many cough medicines, mouthwash, antiseptic and fungal medicine in two usage ways which are direct applying or i

For such a long time, Cajeputi oil has been used widely in the community in Vietnam to prevent the flu, wind for the elderly, the sick, women and children, including infants. During the Vietnam War, much Cajeputi oil was given to the soldiers on the battlefield to prevent flu.

Key components:
The tea tree oil has many excellent characteristics. When being pressed and distilled, 100% natural oil is produced from Cajeput leaves. This mild solvent has the antiseptic and fungicidal effect. Analysis of the chemical composition of Cajeputi Oil shows two active ingredients of special effect, Eucalyptol accounting for 42-52% and α-Terpineol accounting for 5-12%. Eucalyptol has the mild antiseptic and expectorant effect, active ingredient α-Terpineol is extracted from Cajeputi essential oil.

Main purposes:
- α-Terpineol extracted from the Cajeputi oil is antibacterial, the medicinal oil of natural α-Terpineol extracted from Cajeputi Oil that may inhibit H5N1 influenza

- Preventing cold, apoplexy.
- Cajeputi oil naturally extracted and derivative preparation in the form of sauna, nasal inhalation, spray in the working room, living room, bedroom, in cars...
- Creating a pleasant scent, antiseptic, inhibiting virus, especially during peak season of fever, cold.

- With capacity of resistance to bacterial, fungal and antiseptic, tea tree essential oil is a safe therapy of body care and beautification.

- Treatment of skin diseases caused by bacteria or fungus such as acne, pustules, oily skin, blistering, warts...
- Reducing the pain in arthritic hands, feet, treating insect bites, skin swelling and itching; skin problems such as arthritis, sunburns and rashes ... are also be easily cured thank to tea tree essential oil’s characteristic
- Treatment of fungal infections in the feet, foot sweats, nail infections and foot pain.
- Treating acnes and oily skin.
- Cajeputi oil has pleasant aroma, apply on the bruises or aches and the effectiveness will come after few minutes

Processing method: cooking the Cajeput leaves in the big pot about 5 hours and pieces of firewood must be fed equally. 1.5 quintal of leaves account for 2/3 pot, the remaining one third is water. Heat and fire are equal and fussy, no lack of fire or too large fire, which can causes the oil smell evaporate. The bottle catching oil from faucet will be placed in a bowl filled with cold water to condensate oil when it comes from the hot tank to outside. The entire oil extracted from 1.5 quintal of leaves will fill up 5 bottles of 200ml.

In Hue, hundreds of years from now on, there are many traditional furnaces on Highway 1 A, Loc Thuy commune has 12 Cajeputi oil furnaces and hundreds of points of sale across the street. Cajeputi oil sales territory also spreads to the South to Loc Tien commune and Lang Co town, nearly bordering Da Nang, with more than 300 points of sales. Phu Loc Cajeput oil is famous not only for its fragrance but also its potency of curing aches.

During the war, the North Vietnamese Army regular cooked Cajeputi oil in the cooking pots that was as big and high as a haystack. Cooking Cajeputi oil was similar to cooking wine. People took leaves and put into the pot, boiled it, then the oil steam evaporated pass through filter tube and was led to cooling tanks, after that the fluidized oil flowed into the bottle. A Cajeput pot only can obtain about two or three bottles of oil. Each month there were about 50 of refined oil bottles, each bottle was poured into twenty small jars, a total of up to thousands of oil jars were sent to the battle. To serve the demand, many Cajeputi oil cooking classes cooked Cajeputi oil throughout the day and night, every day and night, they could cook 3 pots, and each pot took more than three quintal of Cajeput leaves. A ton of Cajeput leaves were cooked every day and night, a month took about 30 tons of Cajeput leaves. Many immense Cajeput fields were cut clearly after just a few months.

How to use:
There are 5 ways to use Cajeputi oil:
- Apply on either side of temple, sternum, spine...
- Sauna oil in working room, dining room, bedroom...
- Inhale, breathe, smell oil into the nasal
- Take a warm bath with some oil.
- Orally use capsule or fluid..
- In order to treat acnes and care oily skin, use a cotton cloth dipping into tea tree Oil and apply directly on top of acne, apply 2 times a day, before bedtime and after waking up in the morning
- For skin areas of acne-like forehead, nose and chin, apply the oil directly on T letter area. If severe acne is skin, pour 3-4 drops of tea tree oil into the cleansers and use every day.
- Pour many drops of tea tree oil into the water tank and take a dip, which help your body relax after work or playing sport
- Pour 3 drops tea tree essential oil into the warm water cup or toothpaste, use this solution to rinse your mouth 2-3 times daily to prevent gingivitis and halitosis. However, must not drink this solution.