Effective flu prevention method with Cajeputi oil

Ngày: 30-10-2013 21:14:38 | Lượt xem: 1.162

Melaleuca leucadedron L grow in natural forests in Vietnam. Cajieput forests are distributed mostly in Thua Thien-Hue and some in Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Long An, Dong Thap Muoi region, Tay Ninh.

Analysis of chemical composition of the Cajeputi oil shows that there is a plenty of substances, but there are only two active ingredients which are effective as Eucalyptol counting for 42-52% and α-Terpineol counting for 5-12%. Eucalyptol which has mild antiseptic effect, mucolytic, fragrant and pleasant flavor is used in a variety of cough medicine, mouthwash and cosmetic ... Α-Terpineol active substance extracted from Cajeputi essential oil is the raw material for the production of specific fungal and antiseptic drugs under the two types of use: directly apply, or inhale the evaporation.

There have been several scientific projects in the Ministry of Health, the State researching on the antibacterial effect of α-Terpineol from Cajeputi oil. Recently, a research of OPODIS Pharma (carried out at Ho Chi Minh city Pasteur Institute in 2008) shows that the medicinal oil using natural α-Terpineol extracted from Cajeputi oil may inhibit H5N1 influenza; also inhibit H1N1 virus and the research goes on. Since 2008, the Ministry of health has put Cajeputi oil into the list of essential medicines for the basic medical aiming at the local diseases control.

For a long time, Cajeputi oil has been widely used in the community to prevent cold, "apoplexy" for the elderly, the sick, mothers, young children, including infants. It is thought that naturally extracted Cajeputi oil and derived products in the form of nasal inhalation, sauna should be used in working room, living room, bedroom, in car ... well as a measure of reasonable, logical and scientific preventive medicine: both giving a pleasant scent and antiseptic, inhibiting viruses, especially in the peak season for flu, fever today.
There are 5 usages of medicated oil:
1- Apply on either side of temple, sternum, spine...
2- Sauna oil in working room, dining room, bedroom...
3- Inhale, breathe, smell oil into the nasal.
4- Take a warm bath with some oil.
5- Orally use capsule or fluid.
PhD.Dr. TRAN BA THOAI (Da Nang Hospital)